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Acid Mine Drainage

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What is Acid Mine Drainage?

Acid mine drainage, acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD), or acid rock drainage (ARD), refers to the outflow of acidic water from (usually abandoned) metal mines or coal mines. However, other areas where the earth has been disturbed (e.g. construction sites, subdivisions, transportation corridors, etc.) may also contribute acid rock drainage to the environment. In many localities the liquid that drains from coal stocks, coal handling facilities, coal washeries, and even coal waste tips can be highly acidic, and in such cases it is treated as acid rock drainage. Acid rock drainage occurs naturally within some environments as part of the rock weathering process but is exacerbated by large-scale earth disturbances characteristic of mining and other large construction activities, usually within rocks containing an abundance of sulfide minerals.

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Mintails Environmental and Water Stewardship Objectives

Written by Mintails Admin on . Posted in Sustainable Environment

During June 2011 the Board of Mintails underwent a fundamental change that placed the company on a new trajectory. Central to this strategic shift is the concept of closure mining. This is being operationalized as the final extraction of all potentially pollution generating sources of pyrite-based material including remaining underground resources and surface tailings dumps, specifically on the West Rand of Johannesburg's gold fields.

One of the key outcomes of this process is believed to be a long term sustainable solution to the prevailing problem of acid mine drainage (AMD). Conventional thinking on AMD is based on the assumption that it is an inevitable outcome of gold mining in South Africa requiring perpetual treatment. Mintails believes that this assumption is flawed, due to the fact that the generation of acid is a complex issue involving amongst other drivers, the management of Acid Rain. Mintails believes that management interventions can be implemented, in partnership with the State, provided that the overall complexity of the creation of AMD is understood by all parties. In this regard the chemistry of AMD is well understood and Mintails has been neutralizing it for use as process water for some time now. This has demonstrated that the problem of AMD is manageable.

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