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More than just your average mining company

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Mintails Gold mining done differently

Article featured in Business World SA

Mintails Limited is a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The name Mintails is a simply a description of its original mining activities, which were the processing and production of gold from 'the mining of tailings'. Most of the tailings being processed are located on the West Rand of the Witwatersrand Basin, near Johannesburg, South Africa. Recently, Mintails acquired its own hard rock gold resources. Its mining operations for the future will focus on processing historical tailings as well as higher grade hard rock material to deliver the company's gold output. - See more at: Business World or View the entire magazine at Business World SA E-magazine

Green is the New Gold - Vision 2013

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Green initiative with West Rand District and Gree IQ


(West Rand District Municipality). Vision 2016 includes a holistic approach to environmental concerns, nvolving recycling, renewable energy, beautification of our streets and parks by the planting of trees, as well as giving urgent attention to the threat of acid mine drainage.


"Green IQ" (in partnership with Mintails) is a commitment to make the West Rand the greenest district in South Africa and to provide an African example of how sustainability is not just a good choice, but the best choice.


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The acid mine drainage (AMD) issue dominating South Africa is underpinned by a narrative of blame-seeking. This has stifled the technical debate about solution implementation to the detriment of the regional economy.

Mintails has developed a patented treatment process.


ASX-listed tailings retreatment company Mintails believes it is better to refocus attention onto the technical aspects of solution implementation in partnership with government to solve AMD challenges.

A consensus is emerging that a solution is possible, under government leadership, phased to mitigate the risks specific to each basin. This consensus suggests that the immediate intervention should be to neutralise the AMD by means of a high-density sludge(HDS) process, with a possible long-term solution being desalination to augment strategic water supplies in Gauteng.

Mintails SA Water Stewardship Programme

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 Mintails SA  Water Stewardship Programme

Mintails SA deals with the rehabilitation of mine-impacted land and aquatic ecosystems. We are developing innovative solutions for the safe closure of mine operations that include the remediation of pollution plumes associated with mine dumps.

 Clean water challenges

Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) has been a major environmental challenge on the West Rand since 2002, when the decant of contaminated water from the mine void commenced. This created an environmental disaster for the Tweelopies Spruit and the Krugersdorp Game Reserve that has been widely covered by the media. We take this seriously and have been actively working towards the development of sustainable solutions since we commenced operations in 2006 when we brought West Wits Gold out of liquidation. The uncontrolled decant of AMD into the Tweelopies Spruit has now been stopped, with the last recorded outflow on 9 October 2012.