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Contact Mintails Pty Ltd (2)

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Please can contact Mintails  on our e-mail address. 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Mintails Australia

Address: Suite 1, 1233 High Street, Armadale, Vic 3143 Australia
Mailing Address: PO Box 8694, Armadale, Vic 3143 Australia
Phone: +61 (0) 3 9824 5254
Fax: +61 (0) 3 9822 7735

Mintails South Africa

Address: 14 Tweelopies Road, Krugersdorp, 1740
Mailing Address: PO Box 803, Krugersdorp, 1740
Phone: +27 (0) 11 660 9638
Fax:     +27 (0) 11 660 8132

Email: info[at]mintailssa.co.za


Expression of Interest to Tender: Mintails Underground Mining Project

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Mintails Mining SA (Pty) Ltd ("MMS") is seeking the expressions of interest in tendering for the works as described further within this document. The expression of interest would not automatically constitute a valid bid and MMS holds the right to exclude some expressions of interest from the overall evaluation process.

Timeframe for Expressions of Interest:

 All expressions of interests would need to be lodged with MMS by no later than 30 August 2013 at 12:00 noon via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Evaluation Criteria:

MMS will make award of contract entirely internally and shall not be obliged to enter into discussions to explain its decisions throughout this process. However, as a guideline, the Expressions of Interest and eventual contract award will be evaluated somewhat according to, (but not restricted to) the following criteria: 

  • • References to previous projects of similar scale and Capital Requirement. (20%)
  • • References of the project leads and project teams identified to deliver the requirements as detailed within this document. (20%)
  • • Identification of proven track record in delivering similar projects. (30%)
  • • Proof of financial standing of the company and the ability to CAPEX fund on terms the project as identified. (30%)

Contact Information:

All questions and or request for additional information should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   MMS holds the right to make any additional information available to all registered parties.

Download Full Document Here


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Press Releases

Current Announcements (2013)

Name: Purchase of Dikgosis gold Shares


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Notice of Cease to be Substantial Holder 25.58 KB 27/03/2013 22:00:00 Download Details View



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Earlier Announcements

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The Mintails YOUTH PROGRAM is the collective name that was coined for three service providers that were appointed in 2007 to assist with implementing mainly the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Projects of Mintails SA (Pty) Ltd.

The three Service Providers are The South African Youth Ministers Program (SAYMP), CLAY and Hopeline. These organizations were appointed due to the synergies that exist among them.

SAYMP whose Vision is to create "Leaders of Tomorrow, Today" is an organization that focuses on teaching the Fundamentals of Democracy, Good Governance and Values Based Leadership to learners in schools through training and experiental learning. CLAY is an organization which teaches learners life and leadership skills whilst Hopeline is an organization which assists people in need of emotional support by giving them anonymous telephone counseling.


SAYMP is registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non Profit organization and is also registered as a National Youth Service Program.  SAYMP strives to empower school going and out of school youth by supporting and providing the platform and opportunities for skills transfer, experiential learning and mentoring, to become tomorrow's leaders today who have commitment and strong values.

The project cycle covers a period of twelve months which includes training and experiential learning. Phase 1 of the Project covers orientation, training and the election and inauguration of Youth Ministers. Phase 2 includes the holding of Youth Parliaments, the engaging of the community, debating, job shadowing and youth service. Phase 3 includes the finalizing of legacy projects and award ceremonies.


CLAY whose Vision is "To love the world enough to change it one life at a time" is registered as a Non Profit Organization and a Section 21 Company that works closely with the Department of Education. CLAY recognizes and supports Life Skills and Life Orientation development.

CLAY develops leadership and self-confidence within leadersCLAY enhances the practice  of positive values, attitudes, behavior and skills in the individual and the community;Clay promotes the achievement of individual learners and youth workers' potential by      strengthening and integrating their intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional and moral powers.


Hopeline is an organization which offers emotional and spiritual support tocallers of every age and background.  In addition to the telephone care line, Hopeline offers youth workers and students a dedicated Youth SMS line where supportive counsel is available seven days a week. This is further augmented by a MXit service and Facebook connection which enable learners to access Hopeline as economically as possible.  Hopeline's funding enables us make call-backs to students in crisis, counsel them over the phone and appropriately link them to the professional or practical help they need.  Hopeline is staffed by 56 trained volunteers and has a wide network of reputable referral partners.

Four schools on the West Rand are presently involved in the program.

The main objectives of the training and intervention by the Youth Program are to set norms and achieving set objectives for:

Increasing School attendanceIncreasing scholastic achievementDecreasing drug abuseDecrease in suicide risk behaviourEstablishing an adult and peer group support networkFostering school bonding amongst learners and encouraging them to become involved in school activities (increase in personal skills)Engaging parents in the programs (increase in social support resources)Familiarizing the learners with the basics of democracy and business skillsAddressing HIV/AIDS issues


Land adjacent to the CAMS Sand Dump site has been granted to the Mogale City Local Municipality (MCLM) free of charge for landfill use. Mintails has recently made further adjacent land available to MCLM to enable it to expand its landfill operations.


In 2012 Mintails established the Kairos Trust to deliver on its social commitments to Mintails staff. The Kairos Trust will make funds available for staff education, community training and other social projects.

Layout 1

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You can create some beautiful content by using some simple HTML elements. The Warp theme framework offers some neat styles for all HTML elements and a great set of CSS classes to style your content. Basic HTML is very easy to learn and this small guide shows you how to use all styles provided by the Warp framework.

Basic HTML Elements

Here is a short demonstration of text-level semanticts. The <p> element creates a new paragraph. It will have some space before and after itself. To turn your text into hypertext just use the <a> element.

Text-Level Semantics

You can emphasize text using the <em> element or to imply any extra importance the <strong> element. Highlight text with no semantic meaning using the <mark> element. Markup document changes like inserted or deleted text with the <del> element or <ins> element. To define an abbreviation use the <abbr> element and to define a definition term use the <dfn> element.

Short List with Links

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Quotations and Code

Inline quotations can be defined by using the <q> element.

The <blockquote> element defines a long quotation which also creates a new block by inserting white space before and after the blockquote element.

To define a short inline computer code use the <code> element. For a larger code snippet use the <pre> element which defines preformatted text. It creates a new text block which preserves both spaces and line breaks.

pre {
    margin: 15px 0;
    padding: 10px;
    font-family: "Courier New", Courier, monospace;
    font-size: 12px;
    line-height: 18px;
    white-space: pre-wrap;

Use the <small> element for side comments and small print.

Useful CSS Classes

Here is a short demonstration of all style related CSS classes provided by the Warp framework.

Highlight Content

Drop caps are the first letter of a paragraph which are displayed bigger than the rest of the text. You can create a drop cap using the CSS class dropcap. To emphasize text with some small boxes use <em> element with the CSS class box.

This simple box is intended to group large parts of your content using the CSS class box-content.
This is a simple box to highlight some text using the CSS class box-note.
This is a simple box with useful information using the CSS class box-info.
This is a simple box with important notes and warnings using the CSS class box-warning.
This is a simple box with additional hints using the CSS class box-hint.
This is a simple box with download information using the CSS class box-download.

Use the CSS class dotted to create a dotted horizontal rule.


Create a zebra stripped table using using the CSS class zebra.

Table caption
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Table Footer Table Footer Table Footer
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Definition Lists

Create a nice looking definition list separated with a line by using the CSS class separator.

Definition List
A definition list is a list of terms and corresponding definitions. To create a definition list use the <dl> element in conjunction with <dt> to define the definition term and <dd> to define the definition description.
Definition Term
This is a definition description.
Definition Term
This is a definition description.
This is another definition description.


Use the CSS class check to create this list style.

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Use the CSS class zebra to create this list style.

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Create a clearly arranged form layout with fieldset boxes using the CSS class box.

Form legend

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